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Case Study: Customer Portrait


With a product under development for osteoporosis, a leading pharmaceutical company wanted a better understanding of the market it would be entering. Specifically, the company wanted to understand the patient segments for osteoporosis market and what both diagnosed and undiagnosed customers understand about osteoporosis, what they are discussing with their physicians and any concerns they have about medication treatment and long-term consequences of living with the disease.

Business Question

How educated are women (ages 50 - 85) about osteoporosis and what are their views, considerations and concerns about medication therapy?

The Answers & Insights Approach

To find out what the patient segments think about the diagnosis, treatment and management of osteoporosis, Answers & Insights went straight to potential customers themselves.

Using its proprietary database of more than 500,000 healthcare professionals and consumers, Answers & Insights conducted in-depth, thorough interviews with open-ended questions that allowed the interviewers to probe for more information to establish views and behaviors around the disease state of osteoporosis.

Questions focused on education, diagnosis and treatment:


  • Time spent educating self about health issues in general
  • Concern about long-term consequences of disease
  • Common sources for information on health and medication-related topics
  • Level of interaction with physician to understand a condition or diagnosis
  • Others a patient relies on for guidance health issues (family, friends)


  • Knowledge of and perceived effectiveness of bone density scans
  • Steps taken after bone density scan/osteoporosis diagnosis
  • Doctor-recommended treatment options after diagnosis
  • Prescribed medications and level of compliance
  • Barriers to being compliant with medication
  • Impact of cost on compliance or willingness to begin medication


  • Expectations from prescription therapy
  • Frequency of bone density scans
  • Reasons for discontinuing medications: costs, side effects, difficult, lack of results
  • Factors that would cause to reinitiate therapy
  • Type of physician seen to manage osteoporosis

Customer Benefit

With a greater understanding the market space, the pharmaceutical company was able to determine the best points of entry with consumers, the type of information they were seeking, and ways to leverage the patient-physician relationship.